ODEK is an alliance of companies operating in the ICT arena. ODEK Alliance represents independently run companies, managed by talented, like-minded entrepeneurs. There is no holding company or common shareholding, each business is run as a fully independent unit with a management team and shareholder structure best suited to that business’ needs. The companies do however share a common brand, a strong ethos of superior customer service, treating customers fairly and attracting talented and committed individuals. The companies have been carefully selected to ensure that their products and services don’t overlap, thereby ensuring that they each bring their own unique suite of products and services to the Alliance.
Companies that form part of ODEK Alliance can focus on their core business and collaborate on the provision of non-core activities such as facilities management, accounting, payroll, HR administration, company secretarial and marketing of the main brand.

This unique model created a world whereby the individual companies enjoy all the benefits of being fully independent, owner managed, businesses with none of the negatives that are often associated with large centrally controlled groups. They do however enjoy all the positive benefits that bigger groups offer. Non-core, non-income producing activities are left in capable hands while the companies can focus on their core strengths and KPIs.
Given that we do not allow any product or service overlap between the companies linked to the ODEK Alliance, the individual companies are also encouraged to promote each other and where possible seek to give preferred rates on products and services to members of the Alliance.