ODEK identified a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in children’s lives and at the same time contribute to the upliftment and development of the youth in South Africa. Whereas mainstream sport is widely sponsored in our country, we recognised a gap in a discipline of sport that has widespread participation throughout South Africa and the world. There are over 40 000 martial arts students in South Africa that are members of formal clubs. This does not include full contact clubs and members of karate Kyu Koshin Kai, which constitutes an additional estimated number of 20 000 students.

The Martial Arts prove invaluable to its students when it comes to improving self-esteem, teaching discipline and having fun. One of our first projects is a partnership with Sensei Chris and Alta Mance from the South African Traditional Karate Federation. Sensei Chris is a 7th Dan, Head instructor of Traditional Karate-do Institued (TKI) Master Nishiyama/JKA Linage/Shotokan and a member of SAJKA. We have sponsored one of their students in the local national championships and we are the official sponsor for their team to represent South Africa and the World Traditional Karate-do Championship in Poland this year.
ODEK is proud to be involved in the development of our country’s youth, through Sensei Chris and Alta and their club.

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