ODEK Customer Engagement (Pty) Ltd is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business, focused on connecting people with people. We are a well-established Johannesburg, South African based ICT company partnering with our customers to deliver the best possible solution and service.

We offer a range of handpicked solutions…

With a specialised focus on enterprise multimedia contact centres and enterprise IP telephony, we are a technology and cost leader that has partnered with best in class, global, industry leaders, to offer a range of hand-picked, versatile, and customisable solutions that integrate into any other process or system.

Uncompromising commitment to relationship management, top-class engineering and a dedicated support team, allows our product offering to cater for all types of communications, enabling the dynamic management of multimedia interactions, enhanced workforce mobility, improved security, as well as broad integration to existing systems and end-user devices that drive businesses.

Our contact centre application suites and enterprise IP telephony solutions are fully customisable in order to cater for our customers’ unique business requirements. Our all-software solutions easily integrate to omni-channel solutions which process calls, SMS’s, social media, emails, Skype, web chats or any generic objects which not only simplify administration but also reduce costs across disparate multi-point systems.

Irrespective of the size or type of contact centre, our product and pre-sales teams have unmatched product, technical and architectural knowledge and take pride in their ability to fuse innovation and experience to fulfil unique demands. Scalable, standards-based architecture for technologies like SIP, as well as integration capabilities to other business systems make our deployments significantly quicker and easier.


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Whether you manage customer interactions with a contact centre, over the Web, or using smart phones, the Genesys software suite …


Get to market faster with ODEK Customer Engagement’s flexible hosted solution while you improve your customer’s journey by …


Improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place with Actionable Intelligence solutions and value-added services …

We put you in control…

As an industry leader in business process automation we share this expertise and our cutting-edge solutions with our customers, who can then capture, prioritise, route, escalate, and track every step of a process, which puts them in control.

The ODEK Customer Engagement team collectively has over 280 years’ worth of experience in contact centre design, deployment and support and our engineers hold extensive product and technical certifications and expertise. This allows us to maintain an incomparable level of technical mastery, ensuring that our customers have ‘Freedom to Interact’.

Market segment

ODEK Customer Engagement will provide you with expert advice regardless of the size of your contact centre. We have implemented ICT ranging from SME’s with five seats to massive corporates with thousands of seats. We want to ensure that you get the best ROI by assisting you to fully leverage the latent product potential in your existing environment. We play in all the verticals, from Financial Services, Manufacturing, Service Providers, Hosting Providers, Courier Companies as well as Online Retailers.

B-BBEE Status

ODEK Customer Engagement is currently a Level three BEE Contributor, but is well on its way to attaining Level Two status.