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Experts at surfacing actionable analytics from complex data to address your business pain points.


ODEK LEAP blends over 40 years of analytics experience with professional actuarial and accounting skills, which have been honed in large international organisations to produce tangible insights swiftly.

We have deep experience across multiple capabilities, including strategy, IT, finance, client servicing, commercial modelling, operations, investment management and HR. Let us help you create comprehensive insights which bring meaning and impact to data in your business.

Most organisations have a lot of data available, but struggle to make sense of it, identify the most critical aspects, and most importantly, how to relate it to effective decision-making

We help businesses sift through their data to surface the most important and impactful elements…

to create moments of clarity through innovative analytics, machine learning, visualisations and actionable insights

to make data tell a story, and help your business make more impactful decisions for revenue generation, cost management, risk mitigation and client experience

We have helped organisations
make an impact through

Revenue driver analysis

Client and agent segmentation

Marketing impact analysis

Client retention insights

Staff and incentive analysis

Call centre optimisation

Resource capacity insights

Invoicing and payments analysis

+ Key Differentiator

We have helped organisations address pain points with best-in-class analytics and visualisation tools using data from Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Reports, FTP sites and Cloud Data Stores such as Snowflake, DataBricks, Redshift, BigQuery, Elastic.

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